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[Release] First Release by Night Sky!

Hey guys! We here at Night Sky have been busy opening the site, forum, and working on releases. Our team at the moment is a three man group so things tend to take a while. In other news, we just finished Chapter 7 of Liselotte to Majo no Mori. It's our first release since we established so I hope the quality isn't too bad. ^.^" You can download it from its page in the "Ongoing Projects" section. 

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Boo and here I was going to pick it up way into the future at some unknown time. FINE!!! Take 1 of the far too many I have planned! Save me the time, etc. etc. etc. I'm sure my husband would just love the fact that another group took it. I mean really what is he going to spend his time doing now? Translate one of the other series I have planned for him? Or WRITE?! Gawd!

=) Good luck and may this group live long and strong! Seriously, thank you for picking it up!

Arleea from Antisense

lolol, I was super excited to see someone picked it up. This series was without a home too long. Well, I can tell who's wearing the pants in this relationship :P

Thanks for the release.

I'm glad someone decided to work on this series again. I really enjoy the works by Takaya Natsuki.

Me too! I've read everything I can get my hands on, haha. Also Fruits Baskets was one of the first manga I read so I have quite a soft spot for it.

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