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Liselotte to Majo no Mori
 So yes, due to Lacie being AWOL for...well...quite a while, I decided to be proactive for once and attempt to something before what few followers we have are lost and other people start translating this series.

Just to be fair, I did the editing and typesetting in one day, and managed to find the translation in our group email. Oh, and our group email's password too. Kinda needed that. Anyways, you will soon be able to enjoy a new release.
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I just started reading liselotte and love it. If you get back to the project and need help with cleaning, email me! :)

Appreciate your hard work! I used to help some folks back in the day and can't imagine what hard work it must be as an 'official' scanlator.

Thank you so much for your previous releases of Liselotte! Are you still planning on translating the rest of the series? :)

Thanks for working so hard. :)

ahahahaha I forgot the link:


Hello guys!!

Thanks for your hard work with Liselotte!!

Here, the raws (AND CHAPTER 11 TOO!!)

Chapter 24-28:

Lol...Thanks for your work in Liselotte...I know how hard it can be, my scanlation group is only me, with help form others sometimes, but at times I do the cleaning, typsetting, editing, which is a lot of work.
Can't wait for the next chapter!

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