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Editor / Typesetter / Proofreader


Day of Birth:
January 2, 1995

Member Since:
March 7, 2013

Cooking, Fencing, Gaming, Extreme Underwater Basket Weaving, Writing

Favorite Manga:
Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World Only God Knows), Yamada to 7-nin no Majo, Magi

Contact Info:
...go talk to Lacie, she can relay it to me if necessary...

About Me:
"Somethings in life are free...but they're mostly things that you don't want" - Aelthanion
Hello, I'm Aelthanion, the main editor and typesetter of Night Sky Scanlations, and I'm comparatively more...British? Than the other two members. To put it simply, despite living in Australia...I get mistaken for a British person because of the way I talk and my tendency to use large words that on-one's ever heard of, like defenestration (Despite being Asain too...). That doesn't mean, however, that I'm stuck up and a right bastard, in fact, I'm always willing to help you in your times of need. If you ever want to speak to me, or ask for help, I'm pretty much always online due to boredom and insomnia (Just ask Lacie). Just shoot me a quick PM and I'll see what I can do. Apparently I'm similar to Kyouya from Ouran, according to few friends (not that I'm complaining), so get a feel for my personality from there.

I'm in charge of editing the manga pages and then putting the translated text on, which is actually easier than it sounds. Occasionally you have to redraw some sections, but that's easy enough since I have my own drawing tablet for that. As well as this, most of the graphics in our manga, like our recruitment and Credits pages, are made by me, which isn't really much to boast about, but hey, I like boasting. If anyone wants to talk about something, hit me up on LoL and we can discuss things as we tear the Fields of Justice a new baron pit.

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