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Night Sky Scanlations is currently recruiting all positions. If you want to help us release our projects please know that we require you to have some dedication to your job. We don't want to recruit people that won't be here half the time. We understand though that you have situations that you might have to take care of in life but before you suddenly go missing for weeks to months please give us prior notice so that we don't end up thinking that you've abandoned us. The position and their descriptions can be found below. There will be a test required for appliers to to submit in the near future but for now there is none. Please send all applications to or you can sign up with us in the forum.

*Please note that I am not going to pay you. This is strictly a volunteer position.

Translators (Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean):

We are currently recruiting Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean translators. If you speak, read, and write any of those languages, we want you! All you have to do is transcribe the original text to English, type it into a Word or Notepad file. It would be preferred for you to have typesetting experience, as it would be much easier and less time-consuming to have the translator do the typesetting for the same chapter as well. This however is not necessarily required of you. This is an essential position to our team! So if you are interested, please apply today!


You will be responsible for preparing the raw image files. This means you will need experience in Photoshop and you will need to know how to prep the image to a high quality standard. This position involves cleaning and erasing all of the texts and making sure that the pictures aren't too grey/dark/large/etc.


You will basically take the text from the translation file and type them back onto the images. You must convert the final image to .JPG format. The key to being a good typesetter is using a variety of fonts.


You will be reading over the translation files before they are sent to the typesetter. As a proofreader, you'll need to be fluent in English and have excellent grammar and spelling skills. You'll be checking for the following:

  • Spelling and grammar errors,
  • Sentences that do not make sense,
  • Any inconsistencies with the plot, if possible,
  • The file is easy to follow, etc.

Quality Checkers:

As a quality checker, your job is to look over the finished product before they are released, check for and fix mistakes that were made with translations, editing, typesetting, and/or proofreading. You will need to have experience with Photoshop, typesetting, and excellent grammar and spelling skills.

Raw Providers:

Of course, this is more of a provider position and not exactly an official one. We don't mind if you provide the same raws to others, but unless you are only providing your raws to Night Sky, you will not necessarily be an "official" part of our group. However, you will be credited in each chapter and you will have a place on our staff/contributors list. Basically, you will be scanning the raw books and sending us the image file. Your duties are:

  • To scan the raw files to an appropriate resolution,
  • If possible, prepare the raws for editing (i.e. leveling, cropping, rotating, etc.)
  • If you can use Photoshop and have prepared the images, save them as .psd files. If not, then save them as regular .jpg files.
  • Email them directly to the administrator or co-administrator.


Translator Application:

Email Address:
What Languages are you fluent in?
Have you had experience with another group? If so where, and how long?
Any questions/comments:

Editor/Typesetter/Proofreader/Quality Checker Application:

Email Address:
Do you have Photoshop experience? How long?
Have you had experience with another group? If so where, and how long?
Any questions/comments:

Raw Provider Application:

Email Address:
Have you had experience with another group? If so where, and how long?
Any questions/comments:

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